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Heyyy!! I'm a huge fan of Reno 911!! I love Clemmie and Trudy! Clemmie cause she's a whore and Trudy cauze she's just flat out stupid haha

anyways i wanted to invite all fans to join the Reno 911 community at EZboard where we can all share pictures post news and discuss the show and cast. it's brand new and i'm brand new at this. i wanted to do it since there's not a lot of Reno 911 discussion out there. so come on in and start posting =]
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Hello,everyone!My name is Cacilie,I'm 30 years old,and have been a fan of The State since 1994,when they were doing their MTV show,although I've been watching them since they were on You Wrote It,You Watch It(I just didn't really know who they were then)!My favorite person in The State is Thomas Lennon,and if you want to know about my 2 Tom experiences,just email me! :) Curiously,as I've met most of The State during my 2 adventures seeing them,I've never met Ben Garant or Kevin Allison.

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NEWS FLASH!!!! for all of you looking for reno apparel for everyday or as christmas gifts.
i was at the virgin megastore the other night and i found a whole lot of reno shirts!!!!!

"the classic" jonsey with "i will not hesitate to beat your ass with your own shoe!"
dangle in the style of "the classic" with "i need to be able to move like a law enforcement cheetah." (which i bought)
baby-t clemmy in "the classic" style with "i beleive the rules were meant to be broken" (something along the lines of that line she said in the first episode)
and two random group t-shirts

they only have a couple shirts on the web site, but a BUNCH more at the virgin megastore:
(sorry, i don't know how to do that fancy-ass catch phrase that's actually a link thing, nor do i want to waste time on trying to find out how)

the shirts on have thomas and junior:

The State

Hey, does anybody have any copies of The State on VHS that they could copy? Or, does anybody have any copies of The State Skits and Stickers? I'll pay you through paypal. Please let me know!